Thursday, May 13, 2021

How do Cuevas Medek exercises benefit children with neuromuscular disorders and physical disabilities?

Cuevas Medek Exercises is undoubtedly one of the most effective pediatric physiotherapy techniques for babies and kids with neuromuscular disorders and physical disabilities. Created by Ramón Cuevas in 1972, Cuevas Medek exercises have helped many children to attain major milestones, such as sitting, standing, crawling, and independent walking.

Built on a powerful therapy approach, Cuevas Medek exercises can help children with cerebral palsy, developmental delays, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or other neuromuscular conditions. The Medek therapy helps kids with the opportunity to gain courage and self-sufficiency in reaching developmental turning points. Parents and therapists both gain confidence and independence in every movement like rolling, crawling, walking, chewing, talking, and standing.

Medek therapy focuses on the development of the brain and its natural recovery potential, helps in determining individual physical features, such as eye and hair color, and improves the gross motor control system. 

Medek therapy tends to include a plan to focus on skills, such as fine motor, feeding, sensory, cognitive, activities of daily living. The main goal of Medek therapy is to train and retrain the brain and body to work together by encouraging repetitive movements in a short period. The CME therapists use tools and equipment to boost the overall strength and flexibility of a child. 

The Benefits of Cuevas Medek Exercises

Intensive Cuevas Medek therapy improves strength and functional outcomes. Whether at a healthcare facility or at a home intensive therapy program with a certified and trained CME therapist you are having your child’s CME therapy done, be sure that your child will achieve fantastic results out of it. The children will be able to achieve confidence and independence in sitting, standing, walking, crawling, feeding, communication, eye control, and as much as in being able to transfer from a wheelchair onto another surface. 

However, all it depends on the knowledge, experience, and expertise of the Cuevas Medek therapist.

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