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Child Speech Disorder Recovery Time

 Parents often ask how long their child will have to go through a child speech therapy program. Although this is a pertinent question, there is no set answer to the question. 

Even the best speech therapists say that frequency, intensity, and duration of treatment may vary to impact outcomes. Various research studies found that the treatment results were better when the duration was over eight weeks.

Child speech therapy is recommended for those children who have an articulation or phonological processing disorder. A typical clinical study suggests two times weekly practice time for 30-minutes per session to correct the speech disorder. Based on that study, it could be assumed that if a speech disorder is mild to moderate, with the child attending the child speech therapy program consistently and families or parents practicing homework between sessions, the duration of total child speech therapy program could be about for four to five months. 

However, the actual time in the therapy program tends to be relative to how many sound errors are being addressed in the program. The more errors in the sounds, the longer the duration of a child speech therapy program. 

What Weaknesses Does a Child With Speech Disorders Seem to Have?

Children with speech disorders seem to weaknesses in language and literacy skills, speech processing skills due to a lack of coordination with the brain. All these together mean they have immature or less developed speech processing skills, which can interfere with their progress with language and literacy development. These disorders may seem small, but they might grow out of it and work at a disadvantage when it comes to developing later language and literacy skills. 

Child Speech Therapy Programs

The Hanen speech therapy program is based on a simple approach to help a child with speech disorders remember something while playing with your child, observe your child identify his or her interests, wait in order to give your child a chance to say something, and listen to understand what your child is communicating. 

There is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) speech therapy program. It encourages a child to share his or her emotions, ideas, and feelings nonverbally through gestures, posture, facial expressions, etc. 

Who Decides a Child Speech Therapy Program for an Individual Child?

It is obviously a pediatric speech therapist's decision. Consult the best pediatric speech therapist for evaluation, treatment, and quick recovery of your child’s speech disorders

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Friday, June 25, 2021

3 Signs A Child Needs Pediatric Occupational Therapy

 As a new parent, you could always be anxious for your baby to meet its developmental milestones. You will be looking forward to the times when your child will start rolling, crawling, walking, or moving their heads sideways! However, when you see your child is facing difficulty in achieving age-appropriate milestones, you need to see a pediatrician immediately at a pediatric clinic

Some children have trouble obtaining the skills that will allow them to investigate and navigate their environment on their own. Sometimes, they may face issues, such as gross motor skills, sensory processing, visual skills, and other abilities. In such conditions, pediatricians usually recommend pediatric occupational therapy

With pediatric occupational therapy, pediatric therapists can help your child become independent in all areas of life, such as eating and getting dressed. Children with developmental delays, such as speech disorders, can make significant strides under the guidance and care of a pediatric therapist. 

See Here 3 Signs When Your Child Needs Pediatric Occupational Therapy:

#1: Difficulty Obtaining Age-appropriate Developmental Milestones:

If your child is one year old and still not crawling, or if your child is 2-year old and still not walking steadily, you need to consult a pediatric doctor about these developmental issues. In such cases, occupational therapy can help a child achieve those developmental milestones. 

#2: Issues with Fine Motor Skills:

If your child is struggling to perform tasks that require strength, control, and dexterity, your child may have trouble with fine motor skills. These children can struggle to use scissors, drawing, stringing beads, using utensils, etc. Consult a pediatric therapy specialist to address these issues. Early intervention therapy is always good to get effective outcomes. 

#3: Sensory Processing Problems

Sensory processing problems are like overreacting to touch, taste, sounds, smells, etc. These disorders might need occupational therapy at a pediatric therapy clinic. OT will help children with sensory disorders to learn to process, interpret, and respond to what they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch throughout the day appropriately. 

See a pediatric therapy specialist as soon as possible because early intervention therapy can improve these developmental disorders or delays effectively and quickly. But first, make sure to go to the best healthcare facility for pediatric therapy consultations and pediatric therapy. If you are in Dubai, Hope AMC is the most reliable and reputed pediatric clinic in Dubai. You can have all advanced pediatric therapy programs at Hope AMC and see highly qualified and experienced pediatric therapists under one roof. 

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Say Goodbye to Stammer with Stuttering Therapy

Do you see your child is stammering often while talking? Does your child drawls or struggle to pronounce words or syllables while speaking? If these signs are present in your child and worrying you, do not worry. 

Your child may be suffering from a speech disorder called stammering or stuttering. It’s clinically known as a childhood-onset fluency disorder. We can see this disorder, especially among some children when their language and speech abilities are in the developmental stage. You can also see most kids are still continuing with this disorder even though they are growing and entering adulthood. 

Stuttering adversely impacts the self-esteem of the individual. Their interactions with others also get hampered most often and that becomes a hurdle to success. So, it’s important to treat stuttering at the initial stage with effective treatment, such as stuttering therapy, in order to prevent it from turning difficult for the individual to communicate and socialize.

What Are The Causes of Stammering or Stuttering?

Most usually, stuttering occurs due to underdeveloped speech and language abilities in kids. But, there could also be other factors or a combination of them that can make a child stutter. Some of those factors are a family history of stuttering, abnormalities, or problems in speech motor control, brain injuries or other serious medical conditions, intellectual disabilities, mental and emotional health issues, etc. 

Stuttering Symptoms

  • Anxiety about talking

  • Difficulty in initiating a word, sentence, or phrase

  • Keep repeating syllable, word, or sound

  • Drawling of a word or the sound with a word

  • Small ability to communicate effectively

  • Stops often while speaking out a word or a brief silence for certain words or syllables.

  • Swallowing difficulty

As a result, kids also need immediate attention and treatment. With stuttering therapy, a kid can come around completely. Early intervention works better to help support the speech and language development of your child. 

Stuttering therapy for kids specialists first assesses your child’s strengths and difficulties to work out the best way to develop his/her ability to communicate. Advanced stuttering therapy for kids specialists uses a variety of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices while keeping a child’s individual strengths, difficulties, language skills, positioning, vision, and motor skills in mind. 

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