Thursday, July 22, 2021

What Can You Expect from Feeding Therapy for Children?

Pediatric therapists can help babies improve their ability to suck from a bottle or drink from a cup. They can coordinate breathing while eating and help older babies learn to chew properly and feed themselves. In all, they can address developmental delays that may be experienced by children​. 

How Often Does Feeding Therapy Happen?

Feeding therapy may happen on a weekly basis. It can also happen every other week or once a month during a scheduled block of time. And each slot may usually last from 30 to 60 minutes long. During the session, your child will learn how to eat or how to eat new foods. 

Feeding therapy will also involve your child in sensory integration activities or completing exercises to strengthen the muscles they need for eating. It will depend on the underlying challenges of your child. A few examples of exercises are like blowing bubbles, making silly faces, or using whistles.

The Benefit of Feeding Therapy

A feeding plan will be recommended by the therapist for home and practice with specific feeding techniques. These are parts of a home therapy program, thereby your child will pick new skills, and learn more quickly. 

As most often, feeding therapy is done one-on-one with a child and a therapist. Group feeding therapy does also happen to achieve further goals, and that can be motivating too for kids. 

Who is Feeding Therapy for?

Usually, feeding therapy is very helpful and strongly recommended for those children who have difficulty actually eating. Children with special needs or medical challenges can be benefited from feeding therapy

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